Bathroom Resurfacing in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, London & the Wider South East | Plus All Aspects of Hard Surface Crack Repair

Welcome to the website of Bathglaze Ltd, a family run bathroom resurfacing and hard surface crack repair specialist covering the entirety of the South East. Since we first set up shop all the way back in 1985, our steadily growing customer base has trusted us to provide services ranging from kitchen work top repair to bath enamel repair, restoring the functionality and aesthetics of surfaces which would otherwise cost a bundle to replace. As you’ll see over on our gallery page, we achieve incredible results; the before and afters speak for themselves! Our trained technicians restore:

  • Baths
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Shower Trays
  • Worktops
  • Window Frames

So whether you’re in North London, South London, East London, West London, over in Essex, out in the Home Counties of Hampshire, Surrey or Kent, or residing in East Sussex or West Sussex, bring in Bathglaze Ltd to quickly and affordably carry out bath re-enamel work, hard surface chip repair, or any of the other services outlined below, such as work top crack repair. Clients range from homeowners, to businesses and public service providers e.g hotels and care homes.

Our Services

For a more in-depth look at how our technicians deliver the below services, head to the top of this page and navigate to the dedicated page relevant to you.

Bath Enamel Repair

As a bathroom resurfacing specialist, we can re-enamel baths to roll back the years with a fresh, vibrant, watertight finish. This can solve many different issues you might be suffering, which you might have previously thought signal the end for your tub! Our team can also refurbish the outside of your bath in a colour of your choice, as well as the feet on which it stands. Great for freshening up a bathroom interior.

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Bath Crack Repair

Sometimes, a bath has suffered a crack due to something heavy being dropped in it, but otherwise is in fairly good condition. Full resurfacing may be overkill in these scenarios, so allow our technicians to provide targeted, surgical intervention in the form of standalone bath crack repair.

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Kitchen Work Top Repair

Moving beyond the bathroom, our team carries out work top crack repair for kitchen worktops and similar hard surfaces. The end result will be a fully restored surface that looks its best again, no longer compromised and at risk of allowing moisture to penetrate the surface’s exterior.

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Other Hard Surfaces

While bath enamel repair and kitchen work top repair are two of the most common services our team provides, our technical expertise extends to all sorts of other hard surfaces, such as fireplace hearths, sinks and basins, wall and floor tiles, window and door sills, and internal doors and cabinets. With both hard surface crack repair and hard surface chip repair on offer, we’ll respond to accidental damage, or general wear and tear picked up over the years, preventing it turning into a bill for replacement…

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Our team provides bathroom resurfacing and hard surface crack repair services throughout the South East of England, in areas including:

Essex – Kent – Surrey – Hampshire

North London – South London – East London – West London

East Sussex – West Sussex

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Bathglaze Ltd provides services ranging from kitchen work top repair, to bath enamel repair and all other forms of hard surface chip repair, in areas including Essex, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire. Call our team today on 07757 222990.