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There are all sorts of factors at play when it comes to the quality of a bath’s enamel; the passage of time, heavy-use, an accident or general lack of TLC, can all lead to exasperated sighs - “my bath looks rubbish, and I’m going to have to replace it!” However, most cases can be solved via professional bath enamel repair, the likes of which is offered by the veteran technicians at Bathglaze. Trust us to re-enamel bath tubs and shower units, rolling back the years and restoring their good looks.

We provide bath enamel repair for homeowners and commercial clients, including hospitality firms operating hotels that require regular maintenance, in areas including Essex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, North London, South London, East London, West London, East Sussex, and West Sussex. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call to get a quote for the bath enamel repair you require.

How Our Team Re-enamel Baths

We re-enamel baths and showers, a process that’s often referred to as bathroom resurfacing or refinishing, and is a cost-effective means of restoring their original shine and smoothness. Look no further if you’re looking for a way to breathe new life into your old or damaged bath without having to shell out for a complete replacement. The elevator pitch for bath enamel repair is that it’s an economical and environmentally friendly solution to a problem we’ll all eventually suffer at some point, however on top of maintenance we are!

Signs You Need Bath Re-Enameling

If your bathtub is showing signs of wear, it's likely time for re-enameling. Common indicators include:

  • Chips or Cracks – These can lead to further damage if not addressed.
  • Stains & Discoloration – Persistent stains, rust, or discoloration can make your bath appear dingy.
  • Rough texture – An uneven or rough surface can be uncomfortable and unattractive.
  • Dull Finish – If the original shine has faded, it's might be a sign it’s time for a bath re-enamel from the specialists at Bathglaze.

The Bath Enamel Repair Process

Our team uses specialised techniques and high-quality materials to ensure a durable, glossy finish. Here's how it's done:

  • Preparation – We start by thoroughly cleaning the bath. Any chipped or cracked areas are filled and smoothed.
  • Sanding & Etching – The bath's surface is sanded to create a rough texture that allows the new enamel to fit snugly and securely. We then etch the surface to further enhance adhesion.
  • Priming & Coating – A high-quality primer is applied to further ensure bath re-enamel adhesion. After the primer dries, we spray several coats of enamel, ensuring even coverage and a smooth finish.
  • Curing & Polishing – Then we let it cure, before polishing the surface to a high-gloss finish. Voilà – your bath enamel repair is complete.

The Benefits of Bath Re-Enameling

A bath re-enamel can restore the beauty and functionality of a beloved unit. It extends the life of your bathtub, preventing further damage and avoiding costly replacements. Additionally, it's an environmentally friendly choice, reducing waste by reusing your existing bath. By choosing bath re-enameling, or another form of professional bath enamel repair to deal with an issue you’re suffering, you're investing in a process that provides a fresh, clean, and long-lasting finish, enhancing your bathroom's overall appearance.

To arrange a visit from our technicians in any of the following areas, simply get in touch when you’re ready. We cover:

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